Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updates from: Conrazón-landia & Coral

It's a blessing, usually (hee!), to see other women involved in this crazy industry. There aren't a lot of us doing what we do but those that do it, do it oh so well. Yes, yes. I'm proud of my Musical DIY Sisters. On this occasion I'm mentioning my DIY sister Natalia "Conrazon" Linares, who continues to work with great artists, traveling the country, organizing, promoting and doing a wonderful job of it all. She's got a lot going on so I've included her most recent music news update. Please take a few minutes and check out the links, the videos and most importantly LISTEN to the music. Nati knows what's up!
After her update below, catch up with Argentinian singer-songwriter Coral and her new video for the lovely ballad "Si Te Vas," off her most recent full-length Volver. Leave a comment on her YouTube or Facebook page letting her know what you thought of the video.

"Some news from Conrazón-landia:

QUANTIC - new mix dedicated to Cali, Colombia; June/July Europe tour, 'Best of' album (July release), 'Hip Hop En Cumbia' Serato/vinyl release in May/June. 

BOMBA ESTEREO - new VIDEO & 'EL ALMA Y EL CUERPO' TOUR (Coachella this Saturday and 30+ dates in USA!) 

-BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR - groundbreaking new album 'Native Sun' out May 3rd (pre-sale on iTunes discount!), short film trailer, more info below this email (Europe & USA tour)

-LOS RAKAS - rock SXSW, on tour w/ Collie Buddz's 'Playback Tour' (watch), new biography, 'chancletas y camisetas bordada ep' (august), summer touring news!

-ZUZUKA PODEROSA - releases new music, tours texas (austin, san antonio, corpus), returns to west coast in august (hit me up if interested in bookings!)

-EAST WILLY B: AN ONLINE WEBSERIES - premieres TONIGHT in NYC, check out on facebook, premieres worldwide @ www.eastwillyb.com on April 13th!

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