Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sexy Spanish Karma Hunters & their Million Colour Revolution

When given an assignment, some of us get so caught up with it that it almost becomes an obsession. My dreams for the past few weeks involved weird robots, a million colour revolution, working bees and men in white lab coats following me around with synthesizers and keyboards telling me to vote for "the instant karma party right now!"  It's been quite the musical dream adventure. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go..." With that in mind, you'll understand why I'm anxious, excited and almost relieved that it's Thursday and The Pinker Tones are playing tonight at Green Dolphin. Have you seen their videos? Those were my dreams! Eeek!

I'm just happy tonight is almost here. It's going to be a great show! Each time I've seen the Pinker Tones perform they do something new to keep me visually entertained as well. I cannot wait! If I'm not mistaken, they've only been to Chicago once back in 2007 and that show blew us away "Woah, Horsie!!!"-style. It was kway-kway fun. We have photos from that night's event on Go to the media tab for photos and scroll to their concert tab. You can also find our interview with them, below, which includes footage from that night's show.

Doors open at 9PM tonight and DJs Anthony Macias and Ron Solera will be providing music before, between and after. [.DESCARGA.] will perform as well. There are some tix still available. You can get discounts by using any of the following codes: nando, macias, and vocalo, all lowercase if you buy them online.

I haven't seen some of you in awhile and this is an early show so if you work tomorrow it won't be too long a night. Join us. Let's have some fun. It's going to be an awesome show. Auuu!

Thursday, April 14th
DJs Ron Solera & Anthony Macias
Green Dolphin, 9PM, $10 
($5 if you mention Vocalo at door)

More information: / /

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