Friday, April 22, 2011

Electronic Cumbia from Argentina's ZZK tonight at 858 Lounge

Once Ali Gua Gua sent an email telling us to please go see Fauna, part of Argentina's ZZK Records roster of artists, we knew there was just no way around it. A recommendation by an artist, living thousands of miles away, encouraging us to go see another artist, visiting from thousands of miles away... you can't just stand back with your arms crossed and wonder. You go. You listen. You stand in awe. You come back to reality, while still in awe, and dance 'til you can't dance anymore. That was our experience with Fauna, once upon a time at Sonotheque.

We're expecting much the same tonight as El G and Chancha via Circuito, also part of ZZK Records, hit the decks at 858 Lounge. I last saw El G at Smart Bar along with Toy Selectah and if it wasn't for the weird-bi-polar boy trying to pick a fight with all the girls (I know!), it would have been the perfect night. Regardless, we ignored the fool when we could and were impressed by the night's cumbia selection. It was raw energy all night. We danced 'til about 4 in the mornin', yo!

If you can, please go. It is so worth it. Plus, we're celebrating Gozamos first anniversary and sharing in the happiness that Ratio's Mundial de Musica has brought so far. From Russian Red to The Pinker Tones, there's more to come and this is just the beginning.

858 Lounge (858 W. Lake), 9PM, 21+. Don't get left behind. Vamo' a bailar...

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