Friday, May 6, 2011

Mister Roberts' SB1070 Neighborhood from Ricardo Gamboa's Border Jump-Off Short Film Series)

The amount of talent that exists among my friends, combined with the constant encouragement and support is overwhelming. When I meet others through these same friends, most with a similar passion for whatever it is they're into, well, it's an even bigger testament that every little thing we do, when done with that passion, means something. We all affect each other by doing what we do.

Ruth Guerra, the hilarious creator of 'Ruth On The Rocks,' introduced me to Ricardo Gamboa on one of those crazy evening outings that end with us wondering where we were, but man-oh-man who cares because we end up with lots of new writing material. For writers, this is priceless. And so I met this sexy boy who made me laugh and laugh and then poof, I didn't see him again for such a long time that I forgot I had met him. Eeek. Sandra and awkward go hand in hand. Hee! But I digress.

I saw him again when he performed at Biblioteca Popular's Monday night Open Mic recently and once again he made my eyes sparkle with giggles of joy. Have you ever had a connection to someone and that person doesn't know about it? Aha aha! I went home to write away. He's definitely a major source of inspiration. Ricardo, je t'aime!

Ricardo's been busy going back and forth between Chicago and New York, keeping his passion alive by doing what he loves most. I'd like to share with you his new short film which is part of a series he's created called Border Jump-Off. Share your thoughts, repost it and watch it again. Then, repeat. Why? We have a responsibility to each other AS HUMAN BEINGS. It's as simple as that.

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