Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Week of April 11th, 2011

Yeah, yeah, it's been awhile since I've rock'n'rolled this blog here, but you know how it is every now and again (you have to say "again" with a British accent, "ah gayn and ah gayn"), you get caught up and before you know a month has gone by. That was so quick I don't even know where it went but I can happily say I've met even more amazingly artistic people in Chicago, including one whose knowledge of radio journalism is being cleverly used by RadioArte (for the greater good of those of us in need of technical knowledge). So, hopefully sooner than later we'll be all set at Enchufate with new media streams for your viewing and listening pleasure. I do love technology. (I don't love Benicio del Toro, anymore, though...which is another story for the other journal. Meh.)

Anyway, between then and now, RatioNation's been hot to trot with their almost year-long festival of music concerts called Mundial de Musica which will feature artists from all over the map. So far the formula has proven successful as Russian Red (interview coming soon!) performed to a packed Instituto Cervantes, while last week's Que Bajo?! Dance Party proved to be another Ratio winner.

This week it gets even better with a live performance by The Pinker Tones who were last in town almost 4 years ago with one of the most fun concerts we've been to at Green Dolphin. We're hoping things will be even more intense this time as the duo performs as a band. Joining the night's line-up of music will be DJs Ron Solera and Anthony Macias, two music enthusiasts who not only know their music but can get any crowd dancing as soon as they hit that play button. I had the pleasure of speaking to both of them earlier today and here's what they had to say:

So, I'll be back daily with a dose of information about more of the artists performing in the festival which takes place at venues like Empty Bottle, Double Door, Green Dolphin, Logan Square Auditorium and more. Stay tuned kids and I'll see you on the radio this Wednesday evening during The MusicVox on 89.5FM WBEW. (7:30PM CST)

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