Sunday, May 10, 2009

(05/10/09) About Writers + Mothers + Ska Mexicano

"I do think we need writers. I mean I bow know, everything I have is due to some man writing something wonderful that I was given the privilege to play. Believe you me, in the beginning you must have that marvelous script and that marvelous writer." - Bette Davis

It's Sunday in Chicago and the day is another long, silly giggle of sun bursts popping in and out of lazy gray clouds. I've been watching music videos for awhile, mostly ska (Panteon Rococo, actually, who's playing tonight at House of Blues with Los Vicios de Papa and Malafacha), that eventually turned into an interview by Dick Cavett with Bette Davis which in turn became the song "Volver" interpreted, oh so lovingly, by Penelope Cruz's character Raimunda in the movie of the same title.

What do you think of this?

It's calming despite the passion she's vocalizing. Or no?

It's "Mother's Day" today. Here's a video in celebration.

Hee hee!

See you tonight at Panteon Rococo!

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