Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(05/05/09) - Four Chiles + Book Festival + Calle 13

Mexican journalist/musician/photographer Benjamin Anaya, who composes a psychedelic samba-funk fusion with his band, Benjamin Anaya & Los Extraños Unidos (who performed for E>N>E:Chicago Rocks this past Sunday at Cobra Lounge), is also coordinating the Second Annual Mexican/Latino Book Festival taking place at Northeastern Illinois University, May 13th through 17th. Mr. Anaya, whom I greatly admire, has asked me to participate in a Round Table Discussion titled "Independent Latino Art Promotion In Chicago", taking place Friday, May 15th for the Festival.

Eeeek! I'm honored! Thank you!

So, here's the flyer for that event. Hope you'll join me.

In other news, tomorrow is Calle 13. Finally! Last time they were supposed to be here with Kinky at Volcan (yuck) but it was canceled at the last minute, thankfully, but now we can all enjoy it at a great venue, with great sound. Yes! Lovin' it already and i'm not even there... so singin' "Atrevete-te-te" at Karaoke on Thursday.

Here, enjoy another one of their videos:

[[Perpetuating Stereotypes: a FOUR CHILES VOTE for the mensos who did that interview with Ximena Sariñana and gave her a 4 Chiles Rating. Good job, guys... good job.]]

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