Friday, April 24, 2009

Yesterday's Fiesta Del Sol meeting went really well and things are starting to gel together for the 4 day festival. If you're in a band and haven't submitted your press-kit, do so now! Remember, last year's number of visitors was at over 1 million during the course of the 4 days. Wow!

My boy from Sektacore called me earlier in the week to ask me about the distance between the two major airports in our city due to a couple of the flights for some of the band members were leaving from the smaller airport. It appears that at the last minute they had to purchase their own tix because, get this, some promoter in Texas scammed his band and the tour dates they had already set up. Apparently, this so-called-promoter dealt with legit local promoters who were asking for Sektacore, then proceeded to take their deposits for the band and has since disappeared. Grrrr. Incredible and disgusting and it just makes me sick, sick, sick! It's not the first time I hear this type of story but it's the first time it's happened to someone in my family of musicians. Grrrrr!

So, Sektacore is arriving tonight for a concert over at El Rey on Chicago's southside. If you're not headed over to see the beautifully mesmerizing Ximena SariƱana at House of Blues or stopping in to listen to the most delightful arrangement of twelve notes ever with Canyon at Kinetic Playground, then do the boys a solid and suppor their event. Regardless, all three events are well worth attending and supporting.

Tomorrow, we'll be covering the Zoe concert at Congress Theater and then heading over to the Tropi-Power Party at Efebos hosted in part by one of my favorite DJs Giroscopio. They'll be playing strictly vinyl psychedelic cumbias. Yes. Wow. I know. Let's go!

Flyers for tonight's events below. Also video for Sektacore. Oldie but goodie. :)

See you around town!

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