Saturday, April 25, 2009

(04/25/09) He'll be singing "No me arrepiento de nada/I regret nothing" tonight at Congress

We've (Ray the neighbor and I) decided the outside corner area of our apartment building is the perfect place to capture our rapidly changing neighborhood, Pilsen. No diss to New York or Chicago, but we said it feels like New York around here sometimes. All sorts of beings, in all sorts of costumes, are headed somewhere to do something, exciting or menial, everyday life, anywhere and we're capturing that moment before they take off on their adventure. So we're capturing it on video with a goal of later putting it together with individual music segments to convey a story for each group of beings we encounter. Look, it just sounds like a good idea right now and we're going with it. Laughter later. "Cada ciudadano desde su trinchera..."

Zoe's 'Reptilectric' is our background music as we discuss tonight's concert at Congress Theater. I'm looking forward to it and hope there's some trippy lighting to accompany their sonido euforico.


That voice is thick and sweet like honey. Nice.

If you're not in the mood for their tunes, Giroscopio and friends will be hosting a Tropi-Power Party at Efebos in Pilsen. BYOB + psychedelic cumbias? Hello! We're there after Zoe.

See you tonight!

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