Thursday, April 23, 2009

(04/23/09) Tu Eres Yo

Growing up in Pasadena, Texas during most of my youth the only direct contact I ever had with music was going to mainstream shows in huge arenas where the closest you got to the musicians was from way up in your nose-bleed seats. It was fun to watch but I always left wanting more. As I became older and was able to go out on my own more, my adventures into music took me to smaller venues where I was closer to the artist and the music and that's when I began to explore music even more, in between feeding my own need by playing violin in classical music orchestras. I've always wondered about my love of classical music since it was never played at home. Hmm.

Anyway, about a year after I moved to Chicago I was invited to a local rock show. I didn't know what that meant -local rock show?- but I went anyway. The experience changed the course of my life. [.DESCARGA.] was one of the bands in the lineup on that life changing day. I liked the other bands performing as well but this one, this one just had something magical about it. They mesmerized me with their energy, their stage presence, especially that of the vocalist (who is now my best friend, whodathunk!) and their overall presentation. The music was catchy, both rough and tender and the band looked like a band. A real band. What's a real band? You know a real band when you see one. Or no? Just go with it.

So I became a fan of [.DESCARGA.] and started going to their shows even going so far as starting a fan website for them. It kept me busy and it made me very happy to listen to these rock songs in my language from people who lived in my neighborhood and whom I started to hang out with. I loved all the behind the scenes moments of it. I'd help with gear, take photos, promote with them, everything. Then one day, Hector Ivan asked me if I would like to manage them and when I said I had no idea about anything related to managing a rock band he said he didn't either but we'd find out together.

Well, we're still finding out together, almost ten years later, and it's been the best of experiences and the worst of experiences. Yin yang. Ultimately necessary. So, my boys, are still playing, still creating music and I'm still here, a loyal fan. If I'm not mistaken, they are one of very few original bands left (ie Sobredosis, Zamandoque Tarahum) that started back in the late 90's in Chicago.

They're playing next month at a new venue for them, Tiger O'Stylies. Flyer below. If you've never heard them, stop by and let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback from new listeners.

(The video below shows David "FroZTy" Bustos on bass. He is no longer in the band. Jose Calvo, Enchufate photographer, is playing bass now. He rocks and is also now one of my best friends. Yay! El Frozty is the frontman for his new band, Re. De La Parka. They rock too. Oh and Frozty is aka El Prosti because of how he prostitutes himself to other bands. Hahaha! Shhh.)

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