Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(04/15/09) Latin Billboard Awards + CD Burning Madness + E>N>E Tonight...

As usual, and I won't say who it was -but it definitely wasn't me- someone waited until the very last minute to ask me to get 700 CDs ready for the Latin Billboard Awards which take place in Miami next week.

These have to go out tomorrow. I was told right now, 2:25PM. How is that going to happen? How? I'm the only one here.

Stress. Major stress.

So I may not make it to the Viewing Party for E>N>E:Chicago Rocks tonight but I hope y'all will. It features Arctic Fox (*smile*), Canyon (*swoon*) and Subatomico (*sweet*). Not verbing correctly, I know. Club 1800 is hosting and is located at 1800 W. Pershing. I hope I can make it but, well, c'est la vie.

Back to work, people. Back to work!


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