Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(04/14/09) Radio Programs, TV Shows, Concerts this week

This world of music fascinates me in every possible way. Sweet and sour, hot and cold, love and hate, success and rejection. Fascinating, I tell you... simply fascinating.

One of the nicest perks of this entire music life experience is meeting so many others with the same passion, ambition and desire they have for this drug, because in the end, it is what it is. Sweet elixir of life or damned can't get the spoon hot enough to melt and shove in your veins type of addiction. Either way (though I prefer the type of people who are more here than there) I really do enjoy meeting so many people. Thank you all for allowing me to enter your life, even if it's only through musica.

It's 'Tutti-Frutti-Tuesday' in my world. What that means, only I know and sometimes I don't even know so there. My evening after work is full of meetings (one at 630, one at 9... oy vey!) but I'm hoping I'll have the energy to head over to Cafe Bolero to see one of my pals do his stuff on percussion. Should be a lovely time. (By 'do his stuff' on percussion I mean play the percussion. Eww, pervs!)

Oh and I know I say this almost every time but, yes, Chicago has so much new stuff going on (especially stuff that I enjoy) and it's happening this week. Next week too. And the week after. Etc, etc.

Wednesday make sure to listen to Rock Sin Anestesia on 88.7FM - the longest running latin alternative radio program in the country. Oh yes. And if you've never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, Eduardo Calvillo aka DJ Resistol 5000, is one of the most musically versed humans I've ever met. Talk to him. Share the knowledge! Seriously. This man knows his stuff.

Wednesday we'll also be over at Club 1800 (1800 W. Pershing) for Enchufate's Viewing Party for the television program E>N>E:Chicago Rocks which airs at 8PM on Channel 25. This is a hole-in-the-wall-dive bar but it's cool because we're there... or at least we think so. Entrance is the side door, peeps. Don't walk away just 'cause the door is closed in front. Keep looking! Weirdos. We'll be there at 7PM getting toasty, errr I mean ready for the show. This week's featured performers are: CANYON, ARCTIC FOX & SUBATOMICO. These bands rock... especially... watch and find out!

On Thursday there are TWO, count'em TWO radio shows you must tune in to. First up is Radio One Chicago and features local band music and more. The show airs from 6-10PM on 88.7FM WLUW. At 10PM, tune in to 90.5FM WRTE for Ruido De Fondo hosted by Charly Garcia aka DJ Giroscopio (my awesome neighbor and one of my favorite DJs in the world because of his unique taste in music).

If you're heading out Thursday and don't know where, Cultura Profetica will be in town playing at Green Dolphin. They know how to do the reggae so if you're in the mood, I'll see you there. If you're not, then head over to Karaoke at La Botana where I'll also be (magic!) and this week i'm starting up a great game of LA LOTERIA. Yes! No cover all night. Sing or play or just hang out. It's all in good fun.

Friday. Oh Friday. Why Friday? Yes, Friday. I'm DJing at Darkroom. Yes. I know. I know! I'm not even opening this time. I know! Wow! Guess I've finally made it past the "well I guess you can open" response. Hahaha! Just jiving. Or am I? People are weird. Imagine saying "I guess you can open" like it's not even a for sure. I guess. I guess? Don't guess, just answer me. Answer me! To be honest I've never had that response but it sounds like something promoters would say. Wait, I'm a promoter. I've never said that. Nevermind my mini-rant above.

So yes, Friday, I play. Latin alternative music. It'll be fun. It's free before 11PM. I'm happy about it too because I haven't seen that crowd since our last Nacotheque party at Lucky Number. I can't wait. Fun fun fun! Content, happy, joyful? All of the above. Join me? Also playing are Eddie Riot, Nando, CedeƱo, Oswpatch and Lovestond. We get started at 9. I hope to see you there.

Saturday I'm not even getting started because that's just going to be one helluva long day and night for me. Seriously. Jefes de Jefes Concert at Aragon? Interviews BEFORE. 6 bands? Ay ay ay. Should be crazy fun too.

See you around town. Say hi. Text. Email. Call. Shout out, just say something. Nice. Something nice.

See you next time,

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