Monday, April 13, 2009

(04/12/09) Chicago Metal Entertainment Networking Party + Memoria, Stomoxys Calcitrans, Vicious Attack @ Cobra Lounge

What a great turnout for last night's Chicago Metal Entertainment Networking Party at Cobra Lounge (235 N. Ashland). The event, hosted by Las Divas Promotions, JennX Muzic, Metal Fury Promotions and Pitch Black Production, took place between the recording of E>N>E:Chicago Rocks and Enchufate's Local Metal Showcase which featured performances by Memoria, Stomoxys Calcitrans and Vicious Attack.

Things got started a bit before 7PM when bands wanting to network began arriving for the CMEN portion of the night (no pun intended!). Thanks to the gracious hosts mentioned above, Cobra Lounge had a new twist to it's usually bare-knuckles decor and your eyes were quickly swept away by all the great little details the hosts put into the decorations. It was also great to see local merchant Coqueta Creations show off her unique jewelry near the entrance to the bar. Congratulations on the efforts put forth in making the place seem inviting to anyone just walking in. Sometimes, it's the little things.

A few minutes past 7PM, the live on tape recording of E>N>E:Chicago Rocks took place. This is a multi-camera recording shot in front of a live audience. This week, Luis Coronado (Kardoid, Alpha Channel Ghost) was the featured host. First band up was Stomoxys Calcitrans, followed by Memoria then Vicious Attack. Each band was also interviewed following their performance. Since the show is being taped a week ahead of time, this particular show will air next Wednesday, April 22nd on Channel 25 (Comcast, RCN, WOW Network). Be on the lookout for that.

The taping seemed to create a buzz about being able to listen and watch the bands do a full set later in the evening and in the meantime everyone gathered at the front of the bar, the smaller room, to network, cross-promote events, exchange demos and gigs and take plenty of candid photos of things such as one of the Vicious Attack boys taking off his shirt to get a massage from a friendly Diva. Oh yeah! All in good fun, folks... all in good fun. There's great drink specials at Cobra, especially on Sunday, so everyone was definitely feeling fun, friendly and flirty... just the way we like'em.

Around 9:30PM, Chicago southsiders Vicious Attack took to the stage as Yvonne, Diva Extraordinaire, hosted the rest of the evening. Stomoxys Calcitrans performed shortly after followed by a headlining set by Memoria. In between sets was when the raffle took place and all sorts of goodies were given away. You didn't even have to buy a ticket, people, that's how good we got it at our events. You dig?

The night ended with everyone excited about the new possibilities they found from all the networking, promoting and exchanging of great music and new ideas. This is exactly why we enjoy these types of events so much. You work while you party but you're working nonetheless. The atmosphere was one of freely sharing and having a great time and guess what? We all did.

Thanks to Tim of Pitch Black Productions, Phil of Metal Fury Promotions, Jennifer of JennX Music and Nerve Cast Music (USA) for co-hosting the event with Las Divas Promotions. A thank you to Vicious Attack, Stomoxys Calcitrans, and the staff at Cobra Lounge for all of their hard work. Thanks to those who gave gifts for the raffle prizes, including Coqueta Creations, Horror Avenue, Sick II Death Productions, J&K Printing,, Pitch Black Productions, and Las Divas Promotions.

For all those that missed out on this event, no worries, we've got even more coming up. Keep up to date with us online, via tweeter, myspace, facebook, blogger, etc etc etc

Ya tu sabe!

See you at the next event.


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