Thursday, April 16, 2009

(04/16/09) NPR + FDS + CP + KES + YOU

Usually new CDs are poppin' in and out of my computer at work as I listen and decide what I like, what I can push when I DJ, what I can write an article on for the website and what just needs to go to someone else because it sucks so bad. The thing is I really, really don't like throwing music into the trash can. I'd rather recycle bad music (hey, someone might like it) than toss it. I mean, I know how difficult the process is and, well, it just doesn't seem right to just make it disappear... not that it shouldn't, but I'll let someone else decide that. This morning I haven't had a chance to listen to anything new because I've been running back and forth getting material ready for the Billboard event next week so I put the office radio on NPR. It's been about four hours and even though I've learned a lot about the world in general (seriously, this morning's discussions included Tibet, the planned assassination of Bolivia's Evo Morales, Mexico and the US responsibility for drug trafficking...) it's so much information. Being who I am I begin to wonder and analyze and my brain starts going full speed and my typing gets faster, my eyes get bigger (like they actually could), my heart beats faster and I become so involved in what I'm hearing that I stress myself out trying to just listen and not react. So, I'm turning it off for now. Sorry, NPR, I love you but I can't listen at work. It's too much right now. I'll dedicate some time for you tomorrow.

Have you been outside? What a beautiful day, Chicago! If you're out and about, enjoy enjoy! I took a brief walk to get lunch and I just stood there for a few minutes allowing the sun to warm me up a bit. Delish. All that was missing was a comfy blanket on the grass one could lay on to look up at the beautiful blue sky, and a concert stage behind me with Canyon and Alla playing live. Oh the loveliness. Too much? Perhaps.

Fiesta Del Sol meets every fourth Thursday of the month and that's coming up quick. If you haven't already submitted your press-kit I suggest you do. People from all over the world want the opportunity to play the event. Get going, Chicago bands!

It's Thursday in Chicago and we've got some of the best radio programs on tonight so if you're staying home, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and listen in to these two shows.

First up, from 6-10PM is Radio One Chicago, airing on 88.7FM WLUW. Shouts out to our buddies who we'll be joining live on Thursday, April 30th. Listen in!

Right after that, starting at 10PM is Ruido De Fondo, hosted by Giroscopio, on 90.5FM WRTE. One of the most eclectic music programs out there. ¡Escucha!

If you are going out tonight then I definitely recommend heading over to Green Dolphin and listen and sway to the sweet reggae tunes of Cultura Profetica from Puerto Rico. I'll be covering the event for Enchufate so holla if you're there too. Let's sway together! (Video below, check out that hair... wow!)

After the concert, I'll be heading over to La Botana for Karaoke en EspaƱol and if all goes well I'll be hosting a game of Loteria over by the pool table area of the bar. El Gran Ivan's got some new music too so if you're up for making a fool of yourself in front of others, err, I mean singing, then by all means. Either way, we'll be there 'til 2 in the morn'.

Tomorrow is a busy day too but we'll somehow make it all work. I'll be spinning (literally spinning, not spinning vinyl or anything) my musica over at Darkroom. There will be a lot of great DJs sharing the night with me so I hope to see you there. I'll be playing all new music. You WILL enjoy it.

See you tonight somewhere!


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