Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Updates and 11/10/10 89.5FM Broadcast Info

Although I'm really happy that the past few weekends have been so luxuriously lethargic, I'm also ecstatic that a new week of great productivity has begun. There really is too much to do. For those who basked with me in the listlessness, get ready to work. Oh, yes. It's time. Let's get started!

Buya celebrated their One Year Anniversary at Multi-Kulti on Saturday, November 6th. What a great celebration it was. The energy from the bomberos y pleneros, plus the drummers, vocalists, poets, artists and everyone in general was outstanding. It was moving and inspiring. It was so inspiring, in fact, that there's talk of a collaboration between rock, reggae and bomba as a side project. How's that for creativity? Be on the lookout for that soon.

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Another wonderful news item not to be missed: PORTAFOLIO MAGAZINE. The magazine launches November 21st and it's the creative work of Chicago fashion designer Jhonnatan Hernandez.

The "Chicago based semi annual e-magazine/magazine will feature a collection of modern contemporary fashion, art, architecture, design and photography with a consistent fashion forward concept and edge to showcase the diverse, new and promising talent in the creative industry." Its an honor for me to be assisting with the market development of this new media resource. If you're interested in collaborating in any way, please contact:

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On this week's radio broadcast (89.5FM - Wednesdays at 7:30PM CST - Stream it at I'll be sharing music from New York's Sonido Secreto and Chicago's own EchoNine (via Anthony Macias) plus the usual updates about new music, videos and more from the amazing world that is latin alternative entertainment.

Sonido Secreto Biography:

Imagine yourself in a labyrinth of sound, escaping from reality with abstract waves and then waking up to reality with the thunder of their rock sound. This is the sonic experience you get from this rock quartet. This visionary rock group was formed in New York City in the spring of 1998. Sonido Secreto’s founding members are Pozo, Gaia and Oveck. Pozo (Guitars/keyboards) is a painter that shifted his interest to guitar playing. Gaia (Drum/Percussions) started his musical career by playing drums for several local acts. Oveck (Lead Vocals/Guitar) was a childhood friend of Pozo and Gaia, he joined the band after the three of them came across at a rock concert in New York City. After the departure of three different bass players, Sol (Bass/Vocals), who happened to be a close friend and fan of the band was called upon the fill the void. In the early days, Sonido Secreto was categorized as a blend of Grunge and Psychedelic rock with subliminal sound effects and samples. As the band went through several members loss, their sound evolved into a more progressive approach by turning into blues and art rock. / I've had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing this band several times. (And be told 'Thank you for not asking the same questions everyone else does." Hee hee!) You can read more about Sonido Secreto and listen to more tracks plus watch their videos on their website:

Echonine Biography:

The duo is currently composed of Frank Delamora and Anthony Macias and they will be performing live on Thursday, November 18th at Debonair Social Club. You must listen to their music and tell me what you think it should be described as. Find them here. In the meantime, here's a free sample of a DJ set by Mr. Macias. Abracadabra. Nice, eh!

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The lovely folks from El Stitch y Bitch are holding several events in the month of November. Please check our their blog for more information. In the meantime I am proud to announce that I am only a few more stitches away from finishing my first ball of  yarn. Woo! This is exciting because it means I'm halfway done with my first actual creation and now I can officially call consider myself a StitchyBitch. Geeky, I know. Again, woo!

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9th I will finally be able to make it to a Kites concert. Yes! I'm sure this time Leo won't send me menacing text messages in which I fear for my life, and liver, among other things. If you're in the area, stop by and come enjoy some lovely music with me. If you're not in the area, well, make yourself more available, please. Follow them on their website for more information. 

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 (Comments: After a lovely walk to the tunes of Raga Barwa sent to me by the BFF, Abracadabra woke me UP, smacked me in the @ss and said - Get it together and let's go!)

(Comments: Watching Hector perform with Buya this weekend reminded me of what a talented artist he is. This isn't a new track but it's something I hadn't shared before. Enjoy!)

(Comments: Just listen!)

See you on the radio this Wednesday at 7:30PM (CST). 

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