Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10 Broadcast

"On the radio, woah oh oh oh..." I love that Donna Summer song so much I sing it every time I'm about to embark on another segment at 89.5FM on Wednesdays. It makes me feel... good. I was seven when it came out so I'm not sure when I first heard it but I do remember later, perhaps when I was eight or nine, I'd play the 8-Track of Bad Girls. How my mother never figured out that I had it or that I'd play it really loud, with the front door open at our house, lip-syncing while dancing to the song (just in case, you know, Donna Summer drove by, I wanted her to know I could be in her group) I'll never know. Crazy, crazy.

Anyway, speaking of radio and music and all things that make me feel good, tonight [.DESCARGA.] performs on 89.5FM for "Live from Studio 10." This is a big deal for us as it's the first radio performance for this new line-up and well, it's Vocalo, and the people involved at this radio station are so talented, professional and above all AWESOME! Thanks again, Jesse and Adam and the staff!

During my segment, which is a half hour before the band goes on live, I'll be sharing new music from Kumbia Queers and Perrozompopo, plus mentioning new music related to Cuarto Poder, Os Mutantes, upcoming events featuring (((SONORAMA))), Tony Macias (drummer for the [.DESCARGA.]) and much more. Speaking of new music, here's the link to some new tunes from Cuatro Poder: "In Tha House"

By the way, check out our 2007 interview with Cuarto Poder at LAMC (NYC):

So, tune in, log in, and have a good time listening to all sorts of new music. You'll have a great time, promise!

See you on the radio!

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