Thursday, September 16, 2010

9/15/10 Broadcast Recap (89.5FM)

Wednesday's Enchufate segment during 89.5FM's the MusicVox with Jesse Mendendez included the song "Existential Proclamation" from Patrick Alan Cahel of [.DESCARGA.] and the newest single from La Barranca - "La Lengua Del Alma" - off their fresh album release "Piedad Ciudad." They are currently on tour for promotion of this new material and will be performing in Chicago on October 9th at El Rey Ballroom. More details as the date approaches.

We also did a quick review of the busy but beautiful picnic weather weekend.
It was the 2nd Friday of the month, which meant open galleries down Halsted Street in Pilsen. Before hitting the open art spaces, though, we were enjoying the Opening Night festivities for the Day of the Dead Exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art. Special note was taken to mention the lovely ladies of El Stitch y Bitch, creators of a one-of-a-kind altar where even the papel picado was knit. Yes! It's quite a site! Applause, applause to everyone involved in the project. It is stupendous!

As is usually the case after a 2nd Friday in Pilsen we ended up at the corner of Cermak and Halsted to dance a little dance in the outdoor area of Gallery 54B, then ended our long night at the sardine-packed Skylark. No matter what day or what time you're there, you will always run into someone you know (esa Chicle!).

Also discussed was Girl in a Coma who played last Sunday at Reggie's while we were over at El Rey for Rockotitlan's Anniversary. We weren't aware that the Rockotitlan event would take place in the lower level of the venue, but it was a great time overall (sound excluded).

We also mentioned this Sunday's Listening Party at Cobra Lounge for three new releases from Nacional Records including Polock, Matorralman (which we featured on last week's broadcast) and the new album from Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible's 'Bulevar 2000.' Unfortunately the first song I've heard off this album is "I Count The Ways" and I haven't been able to stop listening to it long enough to get to the rest of the album. I am seriously obsessed, even more so than my usual crush obsession and those are pscyho-obsessions. Yes, freaks, I'm that hardcore when I'm in like.

Take a listen:

This weekend is equally as busy so please check out our calendar of events.

I'll be DJing this Friday for RatioNation + Eskucha's event at Lounge 858 (858 W. Lake) together with DJ Nando and Resistol 5000. Come out for the music and the free ticket give-aways. Groovy stuff, kids. Promise!

Love & Music!

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