Tuesday, September 21, 2010

09/22/10 Broadcast Preview (89.5FM)

It's really tough to just pick two songs for my weekly broadcast during Jesse's MusicVox on 89.5FM, but I 'gots to do what I gots to do.' Or no? That would be a yes.

This Wednesday I'll be featuring news from the wonderful, whimsical, wordly world of latin alternative entertainment. During the segment I'll also be featuring two new songs to Vocalo. The first song up is from Spain's The Pinker Tones and it's called "Sampleame."  The Pinker Tones formed in June of 2001 when Professor Manso and Mister Fury met three times on three consecutive days on Carrer Pamplona in Poblenou, Barcelona. They hadn't seen each other since University, and quickly work out that they live less than 500 metres apart. On the fourth day, Mister Fury receives a call, asking him to compose the music for a TV series "Once Upon a Time in Europe". Furia calls Manso, and the digital production skills of the Profesor and the analogic sympathies of the Senor are united for the first time. You can get more information, including updates from their very successful presentation at this year's Sonar by visiting their website here. Nice!

The second song to end my segment will be the just released single from Chicago rock band [.DESCARGA.] called "Chemtrails."  The song was composed by vocalist Hector Ivan Garcia after learning about the streaks of white that seem to line our skies more than ever. Crazy stuff. Do your research, kids! For more info on [.DESCARGA.]'s upcoming performances, including their set with La Barranca on October 9th (El Rey Ballroom - 35th & Western) and full album release, visit them here.

I'll also be mentioning this weekend's coming events (La Santa Cecilia, Garrobos, Buya, Ely Guerra, Jaguares, etc),  this past weekend's events (phew!) and how you can win tickets to some of the featured upcoming concerts. So, please tune in to 89.5FM (Chicago) tomorrow at 7:30PM (Central Standard time) or listen online via www.vocalo.org

As is usual on Wednesday nights, tune in to 88.7FM at 10PM for the nation's longest running lat/alt radio program Rock Sin Anestesia. Asi si.

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