Monday, June 21, 2010

Making Mondays Marvelous

Proyecto Latina was one of those things I had heard mentioned by several of my literary and poetic friends throughout the years. When I heard it later through El Stitch & Bitch, I realized there were layers there I needed to uncover. My research began. What I discovered put a magical smile on my face and I felt a huge sense of pride. This is what more people should be doing in general.

Although the first meeting I went to was focused on a visual presentation by El Stitch y Bitch organizer Thelma Uranga (aka photographer extraordinaire), the entire concept of the gathering was intriguing.

Here gathered a group of women (and men) interested in the art of writing and coming together as one to share, expose and create. Marvelous, darling... simply marvelous. I was excited about the possibilities and looking forward to their next gathering, the third Monday of the following month.

Proyecto Latina has become my poetic haven. Every third Monday of the month I look forward to basking in the words and wisdom of women sharing their stories through the art of poetry, comedy and any medium they deem necessary to express themselves. It is empowering. It is inspiring. It is necessary.

"Proyecto Latina provides a platform to showcase work by Latina writers, poets, performers and artists. It is where Latinas in the arts and media intersect. We tell you about the work and impact these women have on our communities."

For June's session, (Monday, June 21st, 2010) Proyecto Latina is featuring Alicia Tellez Vega from La Dulce Palabra Spoken Word ensemble and it takes place at Cafe Catedral (2500 S. Christiana) at 7PM. This is free and anyone is welcome to participate during the beginning open reading portion. I encourage anyone interested in literature, poetry and writing in general to come on out. It's open to everyone. All ages welcome. (Bring your knitting! And your journals!)

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