Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes great things happen on a rainy day

I wasn't looking forward to the interview I had this afternoon. Previously, the same artist had acted a bit, shall we say, less than cordial when we had the chance to interview him in NYC during one of the past Latin Alternative Music Conferences. His arrogance precedes him and I'm not one to put up with such nonsense. We're all human, after all, and there is absolutely no need to feel superior to your brother or sister on this planet. Seriously.

Regardless, I made a commitment to get the job done and decided that whatever attitude he gave me I would simply be a blank slate. I was there to get a job done and I would do it to the best of my ability in the most professional manner possible. I would be nice. That much I promised at least one of his most passionate fanatics (Mayra aka Sra. Bunbury). So there I was, a bit nervous as I tend to get before any type of interview. I paced back and forth going over my notes and forgot about his arrogance and simply focused on my end of the deal.

I was told to get ready and while putting the gear together I saw him across the room (he was in another interview) and thought, "Wow, I'd forgotten how tall you were." I re-focused, continued with the task at hand and finally heard my name called.

"Sandra, este es Enrique."

"Enrique, esta es Sandra de Enchufate TV."

He had a glass of wine in one hand and with the other shook mine and kissed me on the cheek. I went ahead and turned my head and kissed him on the other cheek as well. Might as well start the interview out in nice mode, right? Right.

We looked for a spot to sit, he chose one, I sat near him and while the camera operator adjusted the light he asked me about the TV show. I told him we created it as an outlet for local bands to be seen and heard and gave him the time and channel it aired on. He asked if we had "bandas de rock en espaƱol" and I said we did, that we focused on latin alternative bands, independent bands and were now including all types of independent bands from Chicago. He said that was a great thing we were doing.

I started the interview and things flowed from there. He opened up. He mentioned his cat a couple of times. He seemed a new individual. My final question was for my own confirmation and understanding and his answer made me smile.

You can watch the interview once we post it on Enchufate.

Thank you, Enrique Bunbury. You were quite lovely today.


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