Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rock Box Wednesdays

The guys in charge of handling Wednesday nights at Rock Box (2624 N. Lincoln) have been doing a great job since starting it up a few months ago. Both Antonio (aka Vampiro) and Heber (aka Filet-o-Fish - seriously he resembles the bearded guy from the MickeyD's fish sandwich commercial - "Gimme that filet-o-fish, gimme that fish...oooo") have kept a steady flow of people and bands rocking hump day. The night is dedicated to local rock-en-español bands in Chicago with a few not-so-en-español artists weaved in to mix things up a bit. It makes me happy they chose DJ Pardo to play as well because he's one of the few DJs in the city who doesn't play mainstream crapola (and thank goodness he doesn't do laser imitations either, phew!)

I'm pretty much used to going now every Wednesday, regardless of what band is playing. The vibe is relaxed, the drinks specials are nice (except for the pretend 'glass' glasses which are really plastic and that's just ewww), there's different areas where you can chill, there's lovely s&m vids on the majority of the TV screens, there's free pool and popcorn and, it's just a good time every time I'm there. (Shouts out to Xanga and Brenda for making it even more fun!)

Well, tonight is no exception. My favorite band in the world, whom I will always credit for being the ones to open the door to music for me, [.DESCARGA.], are performing tonight for the first time this year. They've got a couple of surprises including some new tunes. I can't wait to hear them! To give the night an extra dose of sexy we've asked Edwin Days and his new band Future Passion to join us in the night's festivities. If you haven't seen Edwin, oh my. Hot, hot, hot. If for some weird reason you don't enjoy his music at least you'll have eye candy to enjoy during the night. Sweet! (Click on either name to visit their MySpace pages and listen to their music).

It's also St. Patrick's day so as suggested by the organizers, early arrival is recommended.

I have the pleasure of choosing the tunes for the night as DJ Angelfuk so I'll try to keep the good times going 'til the wee hours of the morning. Rock Box closes at 4AM. I know!

See y'all tonight, kiddos.

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