Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Just Too Bad

Despite a full bar on a Wednesday night, people drinking like there was no tomorrow, everyone enjoying the sounds I was providing and an overall great time being had by all, despite all that the manager at Rock Box decided his two regulars that walked in would feel better if the music was changed.

So my set gets turned off, the hilarious 'ponchis ponchis' music begins and I get asked to leave. Yes. DJ Angelfuk was asked to leave or the police would be called. I know. Ridiculous.

So that was my last appearance at Rock Box and it's too bad because I do like the venue and it's possibilities. However, with management like that, it's a wonder it's still open.

Thank you to the promoters of the night, though, as they defended me as best they could. In no way does my opinion of the venue reflect my opinion of them. They, Vampiro & Heber, still rock.

See you at the next venue!

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