Thursday, August 6, 2009

(08/06/09) FDS + Velorio + Chicago

It's still unbelievable to me how anyone that works in the music industry made it through last weekend with so many events going on much less how things are going to be this coming weekend with Lollapalooza in town. Kwazy!

Fiesta del Sol went off without a hitch and most of the bands who performed were really pleased with the festival, the crowd and their performance. Velorio rocked Saturday afternoon while my buddies in Canyon did an outstanding job during the day on Sunday. I was able to go two out of the four days on Saturday and Sunday and man oh man Sunday was so jam packed for blocks and blocks that it was hard to get through the crowd. I'm not much of a "be in the crowd" type of person so I immediately started feeling claustrophobic but I made it through several interviews that will later be put together to air on E>N>E:Chicago Rocks. Phew!

Velorio rocked the entire weekend from Friday night's informal meet-n-greet at Sobre's rehearsal studio (that lasted 'til the wee hours of the morning), to Saturday evening's Black Gate Sessions performance to their final show on Sunday evening at Cobra Lounge. This was a great weekend that showcased not only local and touring band talent but also demonstrated what can be accomplished when people actually get together for the simple sake of supporting each other's efforts. Was that so hard, people... was it? Nope! So keep doing it! The rewards are never ending.

Ah. To add to the excitement of the weekend, my sister and brother in law were in town visiting and participating in the Chicago Rock'n'Roll 1/2 Marathon. It was a great experience for me and we had a blast the entire four short days of their visit. It would rock if they actually moved to Chicago and they actually may be looking into it but the cost of living here is outrageous compared to Houston, Texas. You see, Chicago... lighten up those taxes, man. You're killing us, smalls... killing us!

Good times at Cobra Lounge

This weekend is crazier still. Latinopalooza takes place Friday night at Reggie's Rock Club, then Rock en Vivo at Bottom Lounge on Saturday, plus Spanglish Rock Sundays at Cobra Lounge and Rock'n'Roots at Wicker Well. I'm tired already but I'll happily be at all these events to join in the efforts of exposing new music to new audiences. Oh yes.

I'll be updating more often because I had a dream that someone came along to tell me off because I wasn't doing so, asi que... nos vemos pronto.

See you around town!

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