Friday, May 22, 2009

(05/22/09) - [.DESCARGA.] + Violin

[.DESCARGA.] performs tonight at Tiger O'Stylies. They're my boys, yes, so please show up or they'll harass me until the next gig. Haha. Here's a video for their song "Tu Eres Yo":

Tomorrow, I'm heading out to Aurora, IL to record some violin parts for the band Stomoxys Calcitrans, a metal band. I'm quite nervous, yes, but I know it'll turn out well. Better nerves than none... or no? Eeek!

Sunday we're recording E>N>E:Chicago Rocks once again at Tiger O'Stylies. This week features three new bands: Spitt'n Llamas, Central Disorder and On The Run. This takes place from 6-8PM and it's free. See you there!

Next week's full of goodies too so I'll be back this weekend to post again.

Have a beautiful weekend, Chicago!

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