Friday, August 26, 2011

FMEL 2011 - Chicago's Electrogem

The best shows, for me, are always the ones I anticipate so much that I almost don't go just so I won't lose that exhilarating rush of excitement or the endless pie-in-the-sky fantasy possibilities. Of course I do end up going and basically fall from above, bopping from cloud to cloud in perfect syncopation with the sounds being produced, heading back and forth from the outskirts of whatever galaxy we last discovered. I'm numb to everything but the artist performing. They are the focus and the only reason to be there at that precise moment. Shh. Don't talk to me, I'm listening. Eh eh eh, I said shh. Kindly, I will add.

Latinsizer - Sexta (made with the iPad) by pepemogt

It's been a couple of sad years without that cool spark of life we got every time we were at the Latin Electronic Music Festival but... it's back and better than ever for 2011. Phew! This year's festival got started yesterday and will continue through Saturday, possibly even doing a closer after the closer on Sunday. We'll see. All I know is it's always been a good time. The artists involved are innovators in their field so it's a true honor, a gift, to be able to delve into their world in person. Watching the genius behind their craft right there in front of you. Holy moly mother of music, what's going on there and there and did you hear what he just did with that? It's infinite happiness. It's a music nerd's paradise. It's a music lover's Soul Train.

Tonight, after listening to DJ Wero pound out some amazing music during his set at Maria's as part of the FMEL I'm even more astonished and amazed. I took friends with me who didn't know what to expect and left wanting more. That, my friends, equals success.

So, with that in mind, I encourage you support this festival and all others based on independent artists and most especially Chicago efforts.  The Festival de Musica Electronica Latina is a key ingredient in all this.

I'll see you at the next show, which is this Friday, August 26th at Abbey Pub. My boy Anthony Macias will be joining Kampion as part of Enchufate's suppport. Dig it. Love it. Enjoy.

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