Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago Radio, alive and kickin'

"Inconciente no sabe lo que se pierde, lo que podian encontrar si abren sus corazones, si dejaran de pensar lo malo que les va a pasar." La Mala Rodriguez, Nanai

It was great to see all the support people showed to Chicago's radio station Q101... after they were off the air. Ha! It's typical of those who enjoy complaining about the state of radio today and how it's all generic and how they'll never play your band's music and so on and so forth. One complaint after another. I've heard it all. To you I say, "Meh." 

Yesterday afternoon, the hot sun shining down on us as we sipped a few cold ones at Joe's Patio, I wondered to myself where all these complainers were. 89.5FM, a Chicago radio station broadcasting CHICAGO INDEPENDENT MUSIC 24/7 was hosting their program The MusicVox with live performances by some of our city's musicians. It was phenomenal. It was a great event where we heard the diverse talent that exists in our city. We met all sorts of people that work in and behind the music community. We loved the "Woah! I can't believe this pitcher is only $3.75!" beer. We danced a bit and we rocked out to some great tunes as we cheered in unison for an overall amazing afternoon. It was a great moment for musicians of all kinds to indulge in the opportunities most complain they don't get. Where were you, ey? 

Chicago musicians and artists, please understand that the only way your music is going to survive is if we support each others efforts in this industry. Whether it's showing up to an event or tuning in to the few places left that promote independent music, do it. Networking is essential to an independent musician's success. Every little bit counts. You count. Don't let me forget it. Don't let me forget you. 

With that in mind, I encourage all of you to check out the next event hosted by 89.5FM TheMusicVox ( It will take place at Joe's Patio on Sunday, August 21st. Come join the fun, it's free, and we'll be helping each other move forward.

We're all in this together.

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