Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunday at Cobra Lounge (03/28/10) + Giveaways

We'll continue recording E>N>E:Chicago Rocks every Sunday in March and April at one of our favorite venues in Chicago, Cobra Lounge (235 N. Ashland). Chris Decker, Blake, Danny and the rest of the Sunday staff have always been gracious enough in sharing the space for bands to perform from 6-9PM during our "live on tape" recordings and we definitely appreciate that.

If you'd like to participate on the show as a featured band, or want to help behind the scenes with lighting, camera work, segment producing, interviewing, etc just stop by any Sunday so you can take a look at everything that goes on. This is a multi-camera shoot and our staff is currently composed of eight amazing folks. They'll be more than happy to let you know how things run on any given Sunday (yes I had to go there).

This week we have performances from ARMA and a couple of surprises. We'll also start incorporating comedic acts so if you're interested in sharing some of your comedy (anything PG rated and below, please, due to our prime-time slot on Channel 25), send us an email to for more information. We have a few slots open in April so spread the word and come join the fun.

This Sunday we'll be giving away tickets to and ZOE and MOLOTOV! What do you have to do? Show up to the recording! That's it.

After the taping, we usually stick around for the musical enchantment that is Resistol 5000. Good times, people... good times!

ps - DEVILOCKS and STANK STAR open the MOLOTOV SHOW at Congress Theater.

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