Friday, March 5, 2010

I conrazón the new Si*Se song “This Love”

The first time I heard this band it was through a compilation CD from Putumayo, which at this point I don't remember where I got from. The song evoked memories of my childhood summers spent at the beach, especially those moments when I'd go off on my own, searching for ocean treasures or simply day dreaming about what I'd be when I grew up. The song was Mariposa and it made me feel like a mariposa, a butterfly in bloom.

The band's back with a new song and here's the link for you to listen and enjoy. Go to their website, fan them on MySpace and Facebook and please go out to their show if they're ever in your town.

Shout out, thanks and much love to Miss Nati out in Cali for sharing this.

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