Monday, February 8, 2010

Music News (Week of February 8th, 2010)

We start the week off with some great news: the music publishing side of Nacional Records has reached an exclusive world-wide administration deal with Rondor Music. Congratulations, Nacional and everyone involved. Read more here.

Last night over at Cobra Lounge, the latino metal tunes of Stomoxys Calcitrans left a nice impression on the small but vociferous crowd. It was also nice to see promo for an upcoming movie premiere and the free ticket give-aways for that as well. Good job, guys!

This week features live performances from Maladicto, Stomoxys Calcitrans and Dysfunctional Mariachi at the Rock Box. It's free so even though it's a Wednesday night there really are no excuses. Seriously. These are all great bands to listen to and watch perform. For example, last week's set by Memoria definitely quedo en mi memoria. Front-man Javier's operatic performance allows one to delve into the intricacies of Memoria's musical drama and since he's accompanied with musicians of such high caliber, well, if you weren't there, let me tell you you missed out on some great indie talent. Oh yes. After Memoria's hot performance there was a band I'd never had the chance to listen to. They're Kaleb Stone. They play covers of all sorts of music and they do it really, really well. Check them out next time you have the opportunity. They made the night even more fun that it already was, for sure. It was also awesome to see so many new faces at this new weekly event. Shouts out to the organizers, Complot Roquero & Zamantara Productions for doing such a great job. [By the way, the previous week's performance by Sobre was outstanding! Those boys are tighter than Joan River's face. Auch! Seriously tight set. They rocked.]

Make sure to arrive early on Wednesday to check out TV show E>N>E:Chicago Rocks which airs at 8PM on Channel 25. Rock Box has been courteous enough to let us host the Viewing Party, for free, so stop by, have a drink, shoot some free pool and munch on some free popcorn. Good times, guaranteed.

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