Friday, August 21, 2009

(08/21/09) Oh, Chana!

It's always a chore to get to an event and get things set up but once everything's in place things have a tendency, most of the time, to run smoothly. Last night was a perfect example as I struggled with loads of gear I had to physically carry with me to get to the launch of Ratio's live events at Rumba but it was all worthwhile. The promotional products I carried were given away, the b-roll of the concert was taken, the interview with the artist flowed smoothly and the photos, thanks to Jose (and some to me) were all taken care of. Sweetness.

Chana, the featured artist, was a delight to watch perform and even sweeter to interview. She's definitely grounded and her appreciation of the night and the people that were there in support of her show was refreshing to witness. Her band, a mixed crew of invited musicians and producers, was also easy to get along with and talk to. Grammy nominated producer Martin, a member of lat/alt rock band Volumen Cero, was shocked when I mentioned we had interviewed him years earlier when they visited Chicago with La Ley at Congress Theater. What a nice guy! I didn't mention, though, that they had acted like 'rock stars' back then. I'll leave that tiny morsel for his next visit to Chicago with Volumen Cero which takes place sometime in November. I can't wait to bust him on that. Hee hee!

(Charly aka Giroscopio interviewing Chana. Me on camera wondering "I wonder what will happen if I push this button? Oops!")

I'm looking forward to more of Ratio's upcoming events. He's got a great concept going and I just hope people in Chicago realize the vast amount of talent he's bringing to our city. Take advantage, folks! These are the stars of the future!

See you in Aurora tomorrow for Sounds of Siren.

(Photo by Jose Calvo)

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