Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(123456789) Tropipower Party + Digital Virus Tour + Wicker Well Discharge

I'm sure you heard about the uniqueness of today's 123456789 once-in-our-lifetime ocurrence. It hasn't hit Facebook yet but I'm sure in a couple of more hours everyone and their mother will be posting about it. Heh.

Last Saturday at my casa was fantabulous too. Our hosts, Giroscopio and Eddie, on the one's and two's, played all sorts of vintage tropicalia, samba, funk, cumbias and yeye all night as the music-loving guests danced 'til the wee hours of the morning. We were louder than the fireworks outside. How's that for bad@ss? Because this is so fun and it's not music readily available elsewhere in Chicago (as far as nights dedicated to this) we'll be hosting a Tropipower Night on a weekly basis coming soon. Oh si. ¡Que delicioso!

On Sunday after our TV recording, we went to Cobra Lounge to celebrate Chris Decker's birthday. I was looking forward to celebrating for at least 45 minutes of Misfits tunes, covered by the best friends tribute band - Devilocks - but, as usual, they ran out of time and the band only got to play 20 minutes. Ugh. It was a rockin' 20 minutes, though. Thanks, guys. You made the night end on a high note.

Speaking of delicioso, the Bostich & Fussible boys of Nortec Collective, together with the boys of Mexican Institute of Sound and 'su majestad imperial' Silverio are performing this Saturday at Congress Theater. Enchufate gave away tickets to this show and it is so exciting to see so many people asking about the tickets and the concert, despite not really knowing all that much about the artists. (I can confirm this through our online contests. When I ask simple questions, most of the answers received are wrong, but obviously these folks want to go and find out more.) So we've been doing our best to expose more of the artists' music through brief bios, links back to their sites and video postings. I love you, technology.

[[Side Note: Eeeek! It was a huge compliment to be asked by three, count'em THREE different reporters (two city newspapers, one magazine) for more information about the artists performing on Saturday. They asked me! Me! Wow! Me! I'm beyond flattered. Thank you!]]

E>N>E:Chicago Rocks will be recorded Sunday at Tiger O'Stylies. Performing: Kelroy, Herencia de Zapata and Urban Twang. 6-8PM, free.

After the taping, we're heading over to Wicker Well for Rockotitlan's "Rock & Roots Sundays" featuring Benjamin Anaya & Los Extra├▒os Unidos and my boys, [.DESCARGA.] Punk rock and samba. Lovely!

So, let's start rockin' the weekend beginning today! Watch our tv show tonight at 8PM on Channel 25. Three new bands are featured: Oui Si Only You, Tomorrow Has Arrived and Ruta 120. Right after, tune in to 88.7FM for Rock Sin Anestesia, the longest running latin alternative radio program in the country. Si, si!

Tomorrow, Les Nubians perform at Green Dolphin and there's our weekly Karaoke Night at La Botana plus Resistol Cincomil will be spinning over at The Zoo. Sweet!

See you at the next show!

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