Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(06/24/09) Cafe + Cafe + Last Weekend

As I'm sure most of you Tacubos know, Cafe Tacuba celebrates their 20th Anniversary this year and they're doing so with 20 Concerts in 20 Cities aka 20:20. We're lucky enough to be one of those twenty cities and they'll be here this Friday, June 26th at Congress Theater. I'm excited about this show because there's the possibility of an interview this time. Yes, after all these years I might finally get the opportunity. Fingers crossed, yo!

"Pero la vida siempre vuelve a su forma circular..." my favorite song because of the lyrics...

I'm honored to have been asked to join the blogging team for Cafe Magazine. I'll be covering music and entertainment with a weekly write up. I'm excited about this opportunity and hope you'll join me on that journey. So, if you're keeping up with this blog and have news to share in relation to lat/alt music and entertainment, please keep me updated. I'll do my part to get the information out. ¡Gracias!

Last weekend was jam packed with all sorts of activities. On Friday, Gitana of Jah Cantors, who's making her debut as a DJ on Sunday at Cobra Lounge (more info below), joined me for the Chicago Independent Film Festival at the A.P.O. Building in Pilsen. We only caught the last film, Seki Sano:Vida y Teatro, a short documentary about Seki Sano, a Japanese theater director who lived and worked with many of the leading actors in Mexico. It was an interesting piece (though the sound levels were so off it was hard to understand most of what was being said because it'd get really loud, then really low). I still recommend it.

Afterward, we headed over to Decima Musa for the Pilsen Soundtrack Fundraiser. We got there in time for Fandanguero and their beautiful and lively son jarocho, which had everyone dancing, followed by an energetic ska set by my favorite locals Los Vicios De Papa. Seriously, these kids need to be on someone's label already, touring as headliners. I'll go so far as to say, and I mentioned this to the singer as well, that when they played at House of Blues with Panteon Rococo, they completely outshone them. That's how badass these kids are. Their energy is infectious.

Here's a little sampling, which doesn't do them justice, but you get the idea:

I was just informed our Karaoke night at La Botana will be postponed this week until next Thursday because of their AC situation. No comment on that. I'll update the blog once I know where we're headed on Thursday since we have tickets to Cafe Tacuba and more for Paquita La Del Barrio to give away.

Who's headed to this year's LAMC? I'm not, unfortunately, but there's definitely a lot of Chicago representation this year out there. Yay! It only took 10 years for the midwest to wake up. Hallelume!

Sunday, we're recording at Reggie's Music Joint and this week Hollus, Re. De La Parka and Soul Pollution perform. 6-8PM, free! Right after we're heading to Cobra Lounge for our first ever "Fun(d) Raiser" where you'll get to listen to more great music from Maria Blues, Capitulo 2 and Legion. This is where my beloved friend Gitana comes in as she's participating for the first time as a DJ! Yay! Also DJing are my other favorites Resistol Cincomil and the best friend, Scarecrow. This is a free event but we'll definitely be taking donations. We'll get started around 9PM so make sure to get there on time.

And on that note, see you tomorrow for the Karaoke update!


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