Monday, April 20, 2009

(04/20/09) La Triste + The Conundrum + The Boys

Despite the productiveness of the weekend, I'm glad it's over to start fresh on new projects, new ideas, more work. Yay, more work. What I'm actually needing is more music, but to play, my own. I'm hoping I can jam tonight with Alpha Channel Ghost because I really miss my violin today. It might just be the rain.

This coming Friday I'm having serious time issues. Seriously serious.

Ximena SariƱana, referred by me as La Triste because of her lovely rendition of the song made famous by Jose Jose, is performing at House of Blues and it's her first visit to our city. I've never seen her perform, nor have I ever met her. I want to interview her for our show. I really enjoy her voice and music.

Canyon, the conundrum (intrigue) is also performing Friday over at Kinetic Playground and it's the full band with cello and everything and it's such emotionally moving music and it makes me happy and I don't want to miss it and...

And then there are my boys from Mexico, Sektacore, performing at El Rey Ballroom on Friday as well. I've known Clemente from La Resistencia, who has been with the band for years and who through our phone conversations has given me much needed insight on the music industry in general. What an intelligent man. It's been a year since I last saw him at Beat Kitchen for their last show and I'd hate to miss their show this time around. They have a special place in my heart because we were the first ones to bring them to Chicago and they've been coming back successfully ever since. Auuuu! This is our interview with them on their first visit:

So, what to do?

Figure it out and show up to all three. That's it. Nothing more to discuss.

Enjoy the videos.


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