Friday, April 17, 2009

(04/17/09) After Green Dolphin, run away from your house and Haz+Ruido

"Our house is over here!" I heard my housemate Yvonne yell out at me as I ran, yes ran away from the cab that took us home last night. That Jim Beam... man, he really makes one wacky, oy vey! But hey, a great time was had by all at the Cultura Profetica concert at Green Dolphin. They know how to turn it on, boy! We also got there early enough to listen to Benjamin Anaya & Los Extra├▒os Unidos and their hip-shaking samba music. And oh la la, that Rodrigo on percussion is a delight to watch play.

Ms. Maria Blues was in attendance in support of her samba musicians. She'll be performing for E>N>E:Chicago Rocks this Sunday at Cobra Lounge from 6-8PM. Stop by and check out her blues band. Also performing Color Radio and Conciencia Total.

Tomorrow is crazy day. Starting around 5PM we'll be interviewing the bands performing later in the evening at Aragon. Yikes! I believe it's six bands at this point. Cripes! Oh the joy. More on how that turns out later.

Tonight's a big night for me and I'm joyfully nervous. Eeeek! My alter-ego, DJ Angelfuk will be playing so much new music you're going to burst from audial-orgasms. For realz, yo! No one will have played what I will play but they will soon be playing it. Watch! Just ask DJ Nando! Yes, I'm gonna burn him right now. Just ask him what he was playing last night at Green Dolphin. Yup. Why I oughta! Hahaha! It's all good, though. At least all this great music is getting out there. Haven't heard the new tunes from the M.I.S. - Soy Sauce album? You will tonight. Guat about Misterio, Sr. Flavio's band which features his 10-yr-old son on drums? You will tonight. I'm telling you, I rock the new music!

Enchufate will be covering the event which means as soon as I'm done playing I'll be boppin' around 'enchufando' people. Yup. Oh, come now you dirty-minded freaks. Hector Ivan will be on video capturing the shenanigans and Jose will be on photo duty (I believe we'll have a 'photo-booth' setup) all night. Luis will be there in support of the night as well. Good times, great crew.

So, I hope you'll join us. Will ya? Make a girl happy? Show up. Say hello. Dance a little. Share a laugh. Share a moment.

Darkroom is located at 2011 W. North Avenue. Show starts at 9PM. No cover before 11PM. If you're not on the guest list, let me know.

See you tonight!
ps - no I am not a fan of these types of flyers with the crazy colors flashing like that but it wasn't up to me. oh well.

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